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PSYCHODRAMA?  What is that?

Why learn psychodrama? 

Jordan Wells Psychodrama Symbol

Psychodramatists as Embodiment & Enactment Experts!

Neuropsychology shows how trauma can be healed through embodied practices.  Psychodrama has the capacity to restructure people's internal maps of their relationship to themselves and the world around them. 

Group Embodiment & Enactment

Come learn how Psychodrama will benefit you and your clients!


Psychodrama is a method of group psychotherapy in which a person enacts the problems and relevant events of their life.


Through these trainings, you will use the principles and theories of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Therapy, to grow both personally and professionally using action-based methods. Novice or skilled professional - you will develop tools to further your expertise in helping others.


Psychodrama has been successfully applied to treatment problems such as:

❍ PTSD and Trauma                      ❍ Domestic Violence                              ❍ Eating Disorders

❍ Childhood Sexual Abuse            ❍ Substance Abuse                                ❍ Co-dependency 

❍ Grief                                             ❍ Mood Disorders                                   ❍ Personal Growth 

What is psychodrama?

Check out this video from Sociometric Institute in NYC

Psychodrama is the use of action techniques to explore an individual's private and public world in a multi-dimensional way.  It is also useful in helping the individual to express unexpressed feelings and to find and practice new ways to change unsatisfying situations in life. Psychodramatic interventions are designed to encounter people where they are, in the present and assist them in contacting and developing the best that is within themselves, whatever their functioning level.  Psychodrama reinvests power in people. Clinically, psychodrama can be used with groups, couples or individuals.  

~Antonina Garcia & Dale Buchanan of Psychodrama Training Associates

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