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Ethics & Medical Errors

in Action

    Friday January 8, 2021  

5 CEUs for $100*



$65 Ethics In Action includes 3 CEU's  (Space Limited)
$45 Medical Errors includes 2 CEU's (Space Limited)

*$10 Discount for signing up for both= $100 for 5 CE Units for Florida LCSW, LMHC, LMFT


Ethics in Action

Friday 1/8/21

12:00-3:00pm (3 CE Units)

The Ethics of Boundary Issues During a Pandemic

Therapy during the pandemic has introduced new challenges for therapists in boundaries and self-care. Telehealth, masks, home offices, children, and animals present unique challenges for structure, confidentiality and privacy.  Sessions in cars, closets, bathrooms and parks changes the therapeutic relationship.  How do we handle these changing boundaries while remaining true to our ethical standards both personally and professionally?  Join us for a psychodramatic exploration of the quandaries of these very current issues. 

Ethics Objectives:

1. Understand ethical standards related to boundaries.

2. Identify current pitfalls of boundary violations.

3. Identify issues in self-care that lead to ethical  dilemmas

4. Have familiarity with the Codes of Ethics (NASW,  AMHCA, AAMFT)

5. Engage in sociodramatic enactment exploring  boundary issues

6. Gain a better understanding through psychodrama of  the role ethics plays in confidentiality.

7. Learn new  psychodramatic interventions for use with  clients


Medical Errors in Action

Friday 1/8/21

3:30-5:30pm (2 CE Units)

Medical Errors in Action

This course is specifically designed to help mental health professionals create the work environment that they feel confident will protect themselves, their clients, and the public. We will use role play via Zoom to generate solutions to real-life challenges that directly affect you as a mental health professional. What are the best practices that we can set up to prevent medical errors? How do we evaluate errors to make sure they don't happen again? JL Moreno teaches that "All the resources are in the group". Let's learn from each other in this live interactive workshop that will be fun and educational. 

Medical Errors Objectives:
1. Explain the scope and definition of the medical errors problem
2. Define and discuss sentinel events as they pertain to medical errors
3. Define and apply Root Cause Analysis for prevention of future medical errors
4. Recognize the different types of potential medical errors
5. Apply the course knowledge to case studies

Julie Wells LCSW, CP, TEP is CE Director of Suncoast Psychodrama Training

Susan Mullins LMHC, CP, TEP, CED & Sandra Seeger LMHC, CP, TEP
are Co-Founders & Directors of South Tampa Psychodrama Training