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Supervision for Psychodrama toward Certification with ABE

Supervision plays an important role in learning and developing your professional self. Reliable support through supervision provides guidance when dealing with ethical concerns, moments of uncertainty and challenges.  

Effective supervision also recognizes and builds on strengths and celebrates progress and competence.  If you are interested in getting clinical psychodrama supervsion for psychodrama, or your ongoing practice, please contact us and let us know how we can help.   

One Sunday per month 5:45pm
2641 Harbor Cir  Clearwater, FL 33759
2020 Dates: Jan 5; Feb 2; March 1;
April 12; May 3; June 7

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Supervision/Consultation Provided by: 

Practical Trauma-Informed Uses of Psychodrama and Action Techniques

Psychodrama embraces the use of action and embodiment practices, while understanding the need to create safety and develop resources to combat the negative effects of trauma.  We invite you to join us and gain competence in a safe, supporting environment. We utilize psychodramatic interventions to your supervision/consultation practices that will assist you in enlivening your practice with confidence and creativity!

Suncoast Psychodrama Training 2641 Harbor Cir Clearwater, FL 33759  Contact: Julie Wells LCSW, CP, TEP 727-688-5800

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