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It's That Time Again.
South Tampa Psychodrama Training in Cooperation with
Suncoast Psychodrama Training Announce....

Training with a Twist

Training with a Twist



    Saturday January 30, 2021   

5 CEUs for $100*


$45 Domestic Violence includes 2 CEU's (Space Limited)
$65 Laws & Rules Update includes 3 CEU's (Space Limited)

*$10 Discount for signing up for both= 5 CE Units for Florida LCSW, LMHC, LMFT

Stop Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Saturday 1/30/21

9:00am-11am (2 CE Units)

Laws and Rules Scales Justice for Ukraine

Laws & Rules Update

Saturday 1/30/21

12:00pm-3:00pm (3 CE Units)

Domestic Violence -The Second Pandemic Keeping Client's Safe-Virtual

Join us for an action exploration of the therapeutic challenges associated with client safety amid rising rates of domestic violence. Pandemic closures in the court system, increased time at home with families, financial crisis and lack of outside oversite has made it difficult to both identify and help victims of domestic violence. Together we will look at these issues psychodramatically while searching for solutions to this growing problem.  We'll ask the question "where do we go from here...?".


Domestic Violence Objectives:

1. Understand  and identify the five categories of types of domestic violence

2. Learn the current statistical trend of increasing domestic violence cases

3. Understand the stages of violence 

4. Give examples of symptoms that victims of domestic violence may present to a healthcare provider

5. Discuss the changing problems associated with the pandemic 

6. Learn new ways of implementing safety plans

Laws & Rules-UPDATE

This 3-hour course will take the arduous task of reviewing the laws and rules that govern mental health professionals licensed in the State of Florida and add a twist.  We will use sociometric and sociodramatic action techniques via zoom to discuss and explore real life problems that come up in our work environment and how the laws and rules guide us to be the best professionals we can be.  We will cover Florida Statues Ch. 491; 456 and Florida Administration Code 64-B4 and interact and learn from each other as we build connections.


Laws & Rules Update Objectives:

1. Discuss the impact of technology on psychotherapy and how to keep information safe.  

2. Identify and apply specifics of Florida laws and rules to issues that may arise in psychotherapy/client relationships. 

3. Review disciplinary actions that may be taken against mental health professionals who violate state laws 

4. Demonstrate integration of Florida Laws and Rules into best practices for clinical practice of mental health services in the State of Florida

Julie Wells LCSW, CP, TEP is CE Director of Suncoast Psychodrama Training

Susan Mullins LMHC, CP, TEP, CED & Sandra Seeger LMHC, CP, TEP
are Co-Founders & Directors of South Tampa Psychodrama Training

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